Fun Utah Facts

The name Utah comes from the Native American Ute Tribe and means people of the mountain. Utah has five national parks: Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef. Utah has seven national monuments: Cedar Breaks, Natural Bridges, Dinosaur, Rainbow Bridge, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Timpanogos Cave and Hovenweep. Utah has six national forests: Ashley, Dixie, Fishlake, Manti-Lasal, Uinta, and Wasatch-Cache. Utah has two national recreational areas: Flaming Gorge and Glen Canyon. Utah covers 84,900 square miles of land and is ranked 11th largest state. The Great Salt Lake, which is about 75 miles long and 35 miles wide, covers more than a million acres. Of the 50 states, Utah has the youngest population; one of the highest birth rates; the second lowest death rate; the heathiest population; the hightest literacy rate; the highest percent of high school graduates; and the highest number of people with a college education.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Duchesne Co. Rangers Station

I walked in to the rangers station last summer to simply ask a question. Baby Eli and I walked out with a sack full of fun information on forest fires and black bears. Activity books, card, iron-ons, a compass thermometer key chain, braclets, Rye grass seed packets to plant in little animal planters, coat zipper clips and to much more to list. They were the friendliest people and it was such a great experience for our 3 year old little guy. Dont call him that though - call him Eli. His name is Eli.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Necessary and Fun Things

I asked Dean if he wanted to hold some of my favorite things for this post and I found he is Blog Shy! Eli, however is not and jump in on the frige pic. Here are few of my favorite and necessary things.

Mintek Portable DVD player, Thanks Ben - Jamman! It went through a war with you and
we have almost taken it out. I know - I know I told you not to leave it, that we did'nt need it. I am the crazy lady. We need it.

Our Dometic propane fridge - It's small and always packed full, but our old large Fridge in the city house was always half empty. I do miss the instant crushed ice machine, though.

The energizer crank flashlight. We all three have one of our own. They never fail and are just as bright.

A crank popcorn popper - Thanks Watsons! Eli informs me the popper is for him to crank, not us. He loves to make popcorn.

Solar powered battery charger - it takes a little longer to recharge the batts, but sun power keeps all Eli's toys running strong.

Battery operated Christmas lights from IKEA. One of Eli's toys that need rechargable battery power. They last forever on 2 batteries.

Solar powered and cranking radio - you cant dance to it, but Dean likes to have it on while he's working.

Bissell Natural Sweep - cleans up a room sized rug in under a minute with no power, and does a great job. I cant figure why I went so long without it.

A giant calculator - Thanks Bean! you thought it was a great gag gift but - simply - we are blind.

I want to post in the future a few of my favorite fun things that are not necessary.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a peaceful walk I took today. I grabbed the sled, the camera and of course the baby and Shelby the dog followed. We have had a lot of sunshine this mild winter and until this morning we were down to mud (yucky). On our side of the mountain it was gray and misty, on our road and 15 minutes later walking, was a pure blue - yet cloudy sky. Check out the suns rays. I guess a little closer to heaven is also a little closer to melanoma. We all need sun pro even in winter. I did'nt expect to walk into such direct sunlight. The only thing missing I realized was my mom. She loves the fresh falling snow and I miss her. It was a picture perfect warm snow day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spooky ( lookin ) Ancestors

The pictures were giving to dad by his Aunt Margaret Cotter. I hope all (greats)
are true and correct, but cannot be held accountable. Pa helped count. Also this post would not be possible without the "FANTABULOUS" christmas gift from Ben & Shelly. A SCANNER !!!! Also My formating scatters - not sure why, and sorry for that in advance.

Ezra Tuttle - Charity's husband born, 1762. Sea captain then Methodist Minister after a great storm at sea. (Aunt Margaret writes) I see hell fire and brimstone in his eyes! ( I write ) Fascinating . He does not look nice or forgiving. He is dads great, great, great, great, great, great, grandfather. ( 5 times removed )( give or take a great ). I think.

Charity Tuttle - maiden name was Smith - daughter of "Whig John" Smith of Long Island. The British used to steal his cattle. Charity was born 1764 and is the daughter of Lucretice(?) Delphine Johnson Burton.

Asa Allen - maternal grandfather of John E. Burton. Dads great, great grandfather. He was a farmer near New Hartford New York. He killed hogs each Nov. for great grandpa John Burton. He took many a "nip" of whiskey at Jern (?) Dobies Tavern.
03 a nip ?

Susannah Parker Allen - maternal grandmother of John E. Burton. Wife of Asa, born in Conningsby Lincolnshire England.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Book Of Us - Staying Connected

My dad - A.K.A.- Grampy wrote a book of his childhood memories. Eli was born to us
a little late in life and I was exhausted after his birth on Nov 24th. I recieved a copy of dads book for christmas that same year, Eli was only 1 month old but I could'nt put the book down. I was so fascinated by his life - my hero - his sense of humor carries the book. I am honored to have recieved such a gift. I will re-read it to Eli soon. This brings me to my guiding light, Red-hair-doos my sister
and her blog. She has kept us all connected. I know this to be true. Amanda has been a regular blogger for a while now, Grampy has a blog, Flagboy. I have a new friend / Pen pal that has a new blog, I can go see her anytime. Cody kind of has one. Brian throws a comment here and there. And then to see that Shelly ( hole in the ) Belly has started a blog, I realize the scope of our blogs. It's the story of us. A lifes journal. A history of family and friends. We all have a story to tell. Thanks to grampy it's in our Genes, our DNA. And thanks to Red-hair-doos it's on paper for our future generations to read. You people better be printing a blog book. I know, I am a sap.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out Of The Mouth Of My Babe

He just says the funniest things. The other day we walked up a long road and on our sleds, took a long steady ride back. We gained a little speed and crashed at the end of our ride. That was awesome and a ton of fun "my handsome fella" I say. Mom he says seriously, call me Eli, the doctors and officers all call me Eli. ( who are the
doctors and officers ? ) Sunday Amanda, Lynzi , Eli and I all go the small town of
Vernal for a great day of shopping, laughing, and of course eating. We picked a place before we got into town and had fun saying what we all were going to order. So we were crushed and just a little disapointed when we pulled in and it was closed. Well it was sunday. Lets find a new place we decide. But, but, but Eli say's in a loud and excited voice - just call them on your phone and tell them to come down and OPEN THE DAMN DOOR !! Laughing so hard - can't breath. Lynzi( 7 yrs old )calmly says, thats just what beavers build, it's not a bad word. My little 4 year old saves the day - one morning he say's mom I think I will start calling you my Sweet Heart Momma. It just does'nt get any better than that.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Rocket Scientist's Mystery

First let me say ***#!&?#!***. Amanda and I got hooked on the clue type interactive
games Myst, Riven, and Exile. Well after many failed attempts to get ANYWHERE, we ran
for the cheat sheet books. Even with the walk through mauals to the games we still had to call in the "BIG GUN". After alot of time spent (lost) on trying to reach a new level by cracking a code on a piano tone, we ran and got Dean. In he walks, listens and in no time we are on our way to the new dimension in our game. Quick Mayberry (Amanda) save it !!! I was intrigued when I read Jod my sis was hooked on Nancy Drew. It sounds perfect for me. I ordered. It came. I opened it last night. It says for ages 10 and older. Well I have never claimed to be a genius, but I am older than 10. Are 10 year old's also 5th graders ? Apparently you need to be a rocket Scientist. Apparently I can't pour a beer in an Irish Pub or spot the differences of pictures in the time allowed. Apparently I am always broke and can't collect a coin. This has given me a new direction in life and it's not to rise to the challenge and
"smarten" up and figure things out. No. I am going to start with mystery games for ages 10 and YOUNGER. Freddie Fish here I come!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Sky Basin

Montana, is big sky country. My son in-law Mike has huge family ties in Montana.
I hope someday to get a blog from my Mayberry on a trip they took there. Hint.
I must nominate the Uinta Basin for the second runner up award. Headed east on
hwy 40 from Fruitland, across the Freedom Bridge(Starvation Resevoir)into Duchesne is so awesome a sky. It never fails to show some kind of beauty as far as the eye can see. Majestic never ending views of fluffy white, lined with dark grey, big clouds against a picture perfect blue sky. Some days when a storm is brewing the heavy black clouds hang seemingly to the ground, a space opens up for a beam of
pure golden light that needs to shine on the scene. They say world famous artists come to Utah to capture our sky, the colors and backgrounds. I have enclosed a couple of pics that I hope work, but a camera will not capture the sight. The sky
is bigger than any lens. The last pic is of Freedom bridge. You just have to look
real close to see it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dorothy Galyean

Dorothy lived here in Utah (Springdale ?) and wrote some books that I found and bought in a cafe down south many years ago. You may even have one laying around. Grandmas Recipe Box, Quips and Quotes and Good Clean Jokes, no #1 and #2. She was very proud of of her book, From The Dust of Time - Grandmas Remedie's - Old Medical Remedies. She spent 40 years collecting remedies from old folks all over the country some of them date as far back as the fourteenth centry. She writes that you cant buy a cheaper gift for some one on you list than one of her cheap books. They were $4.99
a piece. She writes that if it doesnt make em smile then scratch them off your list.
Any-how I love her Quotes and want to share a favorite or two, once in a while. I wish I knew a little more about her. I ran a search and found endless pages of this quote so it is a very popular one.

Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it does'nt get you anywhere.

Forget the mistakes, but remember what they taught you.

If you want to live longer, give up all the things that make you want to live longer.

The seat of some work pants, wear out faster than the knees.

Too Funny ! Dorothy also writes, children seem to get sick more often now days than
when I was a child,(this is not true). Mother only had IODINE and CASTOR OIL, if we hurt inside we got the castor oil, on the outside she smeared us with hot burning iodine. We didn't mind being sick as much as we dreaded her cure. So we kept our mouth shut when we had belly aches and hid the cuts under our sleeves. I didn't want her grabbing the Iodine, OH how that crap did burn!

Very entertaining stuff Dorothy Galyean

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Indians, Mormon Pioneers, and The Sego Lily

For only a couple of short weeks, the Sego Lily blooms in first part of July and we have fields of thousands, as far as the eye can see. The bulbous root about the size of a walnut, is sweet and nutritious, and was used as food by Indians and Mormon pioneers , who consumed the bulb in large quantities. It was eaten cooked or raw, boiled it tastes like a potato. The Indians frequently ground it and made bread from the starchy meal. I found this next info from a favorite cook book my mamma gave me years ago : The Sego Lily was declared to be the Utah floral emblem on march 18, 1911
Kate C. Snow, once president of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, in a letter dated April 17, 1930, wrote that between 1840 and 1851, food became very scarce in Utah due to a crop-devouring plague of crickets, and that the families were put on rations, and during this time they learned to dig for and eat the soft, bulbous root of the Sego Lily. The memory of this use, quite as much as the natural beauty of the flower, caused it to be selected in after years by the legislature as the floral emblem of the state. Also noteworthy as a food staple in our backyard - Utah Service-berry, it was dried and pressed into cakes for winter use. They made Pemmican by pounding the dried berries together with dried buffalo or deer meat. This was then mixed with fat and made into cakes. Also in our area and used as food - Juniper berries - Pinyon pine nuts - roots of Arrow leaf Balsamroot - Elderberry, who's poisonous hollow stems were used for much more. There is such a long list of ornate and poisonous plants, and used for so many fascinating things, that I must just end this blog now! I think we will still be getting our food stash from Al's Food Town.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

HMMMM... How to format a post. Practice I suppose.

Pioneering or Crazy People ?

We now live in a very remote - heavily wooded - beautiful area with no
utillities. It's not from lack of hard work or financing. But we are
humbled by the pioneers and there strength at each hardship and what
they had to do just to survive. We haul water in jugs, in our Isuzu
Trooper and ( luckily ) not by covered wagon,horse back, or foot !
It's awful hard to to cook-n-clean with limited water that needs to be
heated for dishes and the babies(Eli)bath each night. We go into town
once a week to do laundry and get food for the week (45 miles - round
trip) while pioneer women dug in the snow for Sego Lily Bulbs. No need
to compare the washboard and a river. At least our awesome almost finished cabin/house was in place . Can't even imagine builing a place out of sticks
rocks - and mud, just to survive the winter. We have limited power
most due to the fact our wind generator blew down, but Eli gets a good mix
of movies, playing with his bazillion toys, and the great out door activities. Thanks to Dean and my techi Cody- Yody, I am writing this with a gas powered generator and Sprint Mobile Broadband. I may not have water but I have
internet. Signal can be a problem and some days I'm not able to connect and
read my Favorite Blobs ! Last - but not least - the outhouse - WE HAVE ONE !
How lucky are we ?