Fun Utah Facts

The name Utah comes from the Native American Ute Tribe and means people of the mountain. Utah has five national parks: Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef. Utah has seven national monuments: Cedar Breaks, Natural Bridges, Dinosaur, Rainbow Bridge, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Timpanogos Cave and Hovenweep. Utah has six national forests: Ashley, Dixie, Fishlake, Manti-Lasal, Uinta, and Wasatch-Cache. Utah has two national recreational areas: Flaming Gorge and Glen Canyon. Utah covers 84,900 square miles of land and is ranked 11th largest state. The Great Salt Lake, which is about 75 miles long and 35 miles wide, covers more than a million acres. Of the 50 states, Utah has the youngest population; one of the highest birth rates; the second lowest death rate; the heathiest population; the hightest literacy rate; the highest percent of high school graduates; and the highest number of people with a college education.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camp Hevelone

Five days with 5 kids, ages (7) Lynzi Lou (6) Skylar Dean (4) Eli Burton
(3) Kaydence Mckenna (2) Q Micheal. I am happy to report that we are
still alive. Dean was scared the first day but we both agree that we
will try for part 2 in august, Maybe titled 5 kids for 3 days. We miss
the little guys.

We all slept on a small cozy cot on the living room floor. For much of
night " I was the cot" for Eli and Q slept on me and Kaydence snuggled
in. With luck most of the mornings went like this: find shoes out of
the great shoe basket pile, lace "em" up and go to the first outhouse
trip. Hurry up !!! was grumbled but mostly the kids started to wander
off and play. Velcro and flip flop shoes will be required camp gear
from now on. Round up all playing children and take them in for food.
The first morning we bravely whipped up griddle cakes. Yummmy. But get
real granny, all the rest of the mornings breakfast was cold cereal
or instant oatmeal. Wash hands and sticky syrup faces. Round "em"
up again. This takes forever! I hunt for suitable fitting and semi-
clean clothes (we aren't to picky) from a great heaping pile that has
formed (grown) in a corner of our small humble home. Why are socks and
underwear always missing? By the end of the week all 5 kids had on Eli's
underwear and socks. Dont tell Lynzi Lou I told you!! Hers were spider-

Not done yet... hairbrushing ( ooouch ) tangled wild banshee hair ! Well
a good bath will take of wild hairdooos. Spray detangler helps. Teeth
brushing, all goes well and smooth. line "em" up for sun protection
lotion. No - one likes this step but we make it through. It just takes
FOREVER! Get on shoes again. They run, far, loudly and happily.

I clean up after brekfast, pick up and fold every blanket we own, heft
the floppy mattress up against the wall for storage and to hide the huge
clothes heap. It's about this point when I realize it's time to start
on lunch and I am still in my jammies. The rest of the day is a whirl
of activity. Mostly sweeping. Rain season and muddy shoes. How on
earth do mothers, grandmothers and care givers do it ???? For me it
was Dean and my special helper Lynzi Lou. Turning 8 last saturday.
Outhouse trips, meals and snacks, hair and teeth brushing, sun pro
application, shoes and jammie(clothes) She was right there to help
with it all. Not one complaint out of her. She is and always has been
my special girl.

Highlights include: Feeding the chickens - Lizzard hunting - Getting
rained on several times a day - Shelby getting stuck (bad) and we
dug/pulled her out from under a huge boulder - Dutch oven cook out -
collecting sprigs of sage ( nature walks ) - beading necklaces and
making dads day cards - eating two whole watermelons - having popcorn,
rootbeer and watching a movie - eating smarshmellows and sipping hot
cocoa at the kitchen table ( due to all the rain ).

What we didn't get to do : See a bear or go fishing ! Maybe next camp.
My special ones

Lynzi : Creative and everyones friend. Brite and smart. Adventurous
high spirited happy girl. She is a mini-me in looks and we have alot
in common.

Skylar : The problem solver. He say's "wait I know what, lets try "...
He is a great leader and scout and headed up all our hiking adventures,
and very patiently waited for the slow little ones.

Eli and Kaydence : They just play together mostly peacefully. Eli
say's Kaydence is his best friend and she teaches him how to be good???
You go girl !!!!! Eli asks her to hold his hand often and you can
watch them walking hand - in - hand alot. It's sooooo cute.

Quintin : is a sturdy little guy that has a smile that shines from
here to Arizona ( dimples included ). He says the cutest things with
his squeaky little baby voice. He is a carefree little guy. Dont
tell him that though.... he say's he's big.


  1. I got kicked out of the library...Again

  2. Oh Babs - I love this!! You are the bestest and greatest granny EVER! What a fun camp. Hey - if you see a bear - get a picture! And I should show you a picture of my redhairdooo in the mornings - not a pretty sight. Love ya!

  3. This sounds wonderful...well I know it was an exhausting 5 days for you, but I'm sure there was a lot of "wonderful" in there somewhere! The kids will remember it always!! Makes me want a few more kidding...for now anyway! Enjoyed reading this !!